Flora Fire Department


Currently the Flora Volunteer Fire Department has 26 Firefighters on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  In 1929 the Town of Flora entered into an agreement with Monroe Township to purchase equipment for the Department.  The Department was officially organized on February 6, 1908.  The first motorized Fire Truck was purchased in 1918 at a cost of $812.50.  The last Fire Truck that the Department purchased was bought in 1993 at a cost of $197,360.61.  We have had 13 fire chiefs since we organized and the current chief is Todd Trent.  Currently the Department has 8 trucks to help protect the residents of Flora and Monroe Township.

Names left to right
Matt Freeman  Jack Hayes  Jeff Shuman  Wayne Benedict  Mason Salts   Chief Todd Trent
Jeffrey Hayes  Derek Eikenberry   Tyler Jenkins  Brandon Mills  Bethany Jacobs

Some of the Departments annual events include, Fire Prevention Week were the Department visits local schools to educate students on fire safety.  The Department provides tours of the station to numerous preschoolers and community organizations.  The Department also conducts an annual smoke detector check for local residents.  The Town of Flora currently has an ISO rating of 5, which is an excellent rating.  This rating helps residents and businesses to obtain better rates on their property insurance.  This ISO rating also shows the Department is comparable to a paid fire department.

Flora Department Chiefs

Name Years Served
Todd Trent 2017 – Present
Adam Randle 2014 – 2017
Mike Cottrell 2012 – 2014
Mike Titus 2011 – 2012
Scott Sisson 1990 – 2011
Jerry Albaugh 1985 – 1989
Don Myer 1983 – 1984
Jerry Albaugh 1981 – 1982
Don Myer 1978 – 1980
Walter Allen 1969 – 1977
Dean Briggs 1969
Charles Stouse 1939 – 1969
Charles Budrow 1928 – 1939
Dr. O.F. Campbell 1924 – 1927
Dr. O.F. Campbell 1918 – 1924
E.G. Kitzmiller 1902 – 1917