Field study on the Influence of Rails

Field study on the Influence of Rails


In order to grasp the personal influence of the rails on Carroll County, I am conducting a field study in collaboration with Melissa Bishop, Flora Librarian and Flora Depot Restoration Project committee member.

I am requesting those viewing this page to e-mail the Museum at carrollcountycchs@gmail.com with the following information:

1) Contact Name
2) Address
3) Phone Number
4) E-Mail, if applicable
5) Date of submission
6) Date of the event or story pertinent to the rails
7) People involved
8) Location, i.e. town or area; and the rail system involved.

I am interested in any and all rail stories pertinent to the Monon, Pennsylvania, Wabash, and Interurban.

Submissions can also be snail-mailed to the Museum at:

Carroll County Historical Society Museum
PO Box 277
Delphi, Indiana 46923

Any questions could be fielded by calling the Museum at 1-765-564-3152 during the hours of  Th, and Fri–9-4.. This could also apply to those who were trapped on the High Bridge during a train’s appearance there.

Mark A. Smith, County Historian